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Today is not hard to find cheap laptops because there is a large variety of a model made by many manufacturers. There are the well-known manufacturers such as Sony, IBM, Toshiba, HP, Dell and other less known manufacturers such as the new emerging Chinese ones. Reliability of products of a manufacturer is the key factor one who would like to buy a laptop will take in consideration. Many times the price plays a major role, but when you have to deal with a new laptop made by no name company with a price that will be a good deal for everyone you think that if is made with good quality parts.

The guarantee you get with your product even when is cheap and made by a no name company should ensure you for a time. With no name company this is like a lottery ticket. When it fails often the laptop dealer might decide to discontinue the distribution of this products, but there is a side effect to this because you might lose your money. Checkout best laptops for students in India here.

I am not saying that if a laptop has a smaller price it is compulsory made with worst parts for a laptop found on the planet. There are many reasons why one producer can offer a laptop with similar specification to a well-known model from a top company. One reason might be that the new producer can have very low expenses for producing that laptop. It will need thousands of pages for me to tell you why one manufacturer can put on the market cheaper products and other can put the same quality products at a very high price.

Discount sales and promotions can be found in a matter of minutes just by using your favorite search engine. This can search thousands of pages and save you lots of time and money. Don’t give up the pleasure to go to the computer stores nearby to see what they have to offer. You could speak with their sales person and find hints that you didn’t knew before to help you choose the right laptop.

Decide what you will do with your laptop before going to buy one. Doesn’t matter if you are using it for applications that require high processing power or just for browsing the net the price still is a factor when choosing your laptop. Sure you can brag to your friends that you have bought a $1000 laptop with a discount of 30 % and that was the last model in store. If you are looking for laptops under 40000, then you can find top rated laptops under 40000 here. You may also buy laptops under 50000 here.

This situation doesn’t happen often because many people decide that cheap laptop will be the one that is with a price under $500. Here I was talking only about the new laptops because when it comes to cheap refurbished laptops you could find some at $100. Anyway decide what you will do with it before buying one. If you play some games on your laptop then you should check for laptop with hard drives that have high storage capacity and lots of graphic memory.

Graphics Card

Graphics Card

Laptops graphics cards used to be pretty standard, as they mostly served only one purpose – showing the operating system and applications in a responsive manner. Laptop manufacturers just stuck to the basics, typically embedding the adapter to hardware right into the motherboard, with a minimal amount of power and memory.

However, more and more gamers today are turning notebooks to do their thing, which requires a lot of graphics processing power to display the rich 3d scenes that modern advanced games have. For this reason, graphic cards for laptops have become far more advanced to keep pace with the demand. You can buy top gaming laptops from here.

Types of the Laptops Graphics Cards

Currently there are two types of laptops graphics cards: integrated and dedicated. Integrated graphics cards are built into the motherboard; they have to share memory with the main system, and this results in slower performance. Most integrated graphics cards lack true support for actual 3d extensions. However, they are producing no heat of their own and using very little power, thus allowing for more comfortable use and longer battery life. Integrated graphics cards are quite affordable in price.

On your integrated graphics card you’ll be able to run such games as Quake 4, Doom 3, Prey, Neverwinter Nights 2, etc.

Dedicated graphics cards are completely separate from the motherboard and for the most part have their own memory. Actually, these cards are smaller versions of the graphics cards that can be installed in a desktop computers. These cards have more hardware support for advanced games, and use completely dedicated Video Ram, enabling smooth and snappy performance.

The problem is that dedicated cards use much more power than integrated ones, resulting in more heat and shorter battery life. Thus, dedicated graphics cards are not a good choice for users who are doing a lot of mobile computing.

There are currently only two manufacturers of dedicated graphics cards: ATI and NVIDIA.

So, if you are looking for a laptop for gaming purposes, make sure to find out if it has a dedicated graphics card, otherwise it will be considerably lacking in the graphics department. Also, if you will be spending much time on the road, an integrated graphics card will be the best choice, to prolong your battery life.

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